Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Week Seven Update

Thanks to Thursday's weather and Peaches' grumbly tummy, you have no writing assignment to turn in Wednesday.

Many of you have been wondering about the status of an assignment due for tomorrow. I neglected to mention the assignment to everyone last week but said I would email the class about it Thursday. Fortunately for you, my dog's $800 case of gas kept me at the vet all day Thursday and the ice storm kept me away from the office Friday and has knocked out my internet access (and cable) since Thursday night. So I had no chance to email anyone or update the site.

End result? No writing assignment for you for this week. However, you do need to be prepared for the quiz following Doug from SLU's presentation, five questions covering Chapters 9 through 12. This will be an open book, short answer, open note quiz. Please have your reading done before class - I don't want anyone studying up during Doug's presentation.

Tentative itinerary for tomorrow's class:
- Talk w Doug
- Quiz
- Hand back all graded writing assignments/midterms
- Discuss final project status
- Couple of job things
- Field trip to Grant Gym - Gorloks v Maryville


Thursday, November 16, 2006

SLU Field Trip

On Saturday Nov. 11 a group of students and myself were at the ScottTrade Center for the Saint Louis University v. Quincy University men's basketball game. More details to come, we had a great time and it was very informative, thanks to our hosts.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Week 3: MVC Speaker, 'Father' of the Year

Greetings. Tomorrow we will be joined in class by Erica Stelling, Director of Communications for the Missouri Valley Conference. Please come loaded with questions! Erica will be talking about her day-to-day duties, breaking into the business, working for an individual school v a conference office, and other areas of interest for the class. The Valley has been getting some prime media exposure as the college basketball season nears, with espn.com's Andy Katz lauding the MVC and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch topping today's sports page w a Valley story. The MVC website is an excellent example of how a conference site should look (and let us hope Valley officials won't get after me for borrowing their logo here).

Don't forget - Saturday, November 11 we have the opportunity to attend the SLU-Quincy University men's basketball game at the ScottTrade (? I can't keep track) Center. We'll discuss details Wednesday evening. I have found out that we'll have seats in the hockey press box for the game.

Finally, if you want to update your definition of 'jerk,' here's a prime example: Dan Hinkle, who most definitely should never teach anyone about sportsmanship or class. I knew a kid who had a dad like this when I was in high school; that kid is a mess nowadays, and there is no doubt his troubles can be traced directly back to his moron father. Ok, I'll stop pontificating now.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Week 1 Writing Assignment (rainout edition)

Hi all. I promised to email everyone the new writing assignment in case Wednesday night's game was rained out and (naturally) I left your email addy list in my office. So I'll send this out tomorrow as well as post it here - we'll adjust the assignment to doing a 1-2 page critique of Friday's Post-Dispatch coverage of Game 4. Hopefully you all know that you can get free copies of the P-D in many locations throughout campus, and I want your critique to be on the print version, not the online package.

I'll email everyone again first thing in the morning.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

See You Tomorrow!

Three things:

1. Thanks to the efforts of Liz Jokerst in the SOC office, the class is NOT meeting in Webster Groves HS. Instead, our classroom is SVRD 123 (the film screening room).

2. Class is not cancelled in deference to the Cardinals, especially since the game is looking at a rainout, and, IF it is played, there's a chance we may work the game into the evening's discussion.

3. See you there.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Book is in

Hi again. The textbook is now available in the bookstore, going for 36 bucks used and $45 new (if I recall correctly). Still awaiting news on the classroom situation.

SCORE UPDATE (read below if you haven't already): Illinois State crushed SIU-Carbondale 37-10 and is now ranked third in the nation in I-AA. Meanwhile, Harvard ran its record to 5-0 with a 24-7 win over Lafayette despite a strong performance from Webster's 'own' Jonathon Hurt, who tallied 109 all-purpose yards and notched the Leopards only touchdown.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Brief Update

Hancock Stadium, home of the Illinois State University Redbirds.

Howdy. 11 days until PBRL 3100 meets for the first time. Class is still scheduled to take place at Webster Groves HS; I am still working on getting that changed. Updates will be given as events warrant, along with a bigger post this coming week.

NOVEMBER 10 SLU BASKETBALL GAME: Doug McIlhagga, Director of Media Relations for Saint Louis University, has graciously agreed to arrange for press passes for everyone in the class for SLU's game against NCAA Division II participant Quincy University the evening of Saturday, November 11. Please note that this is by no means a required road trip, but I think its a great way for you to see an SID at a big-time program in action. Mr. McIlhagga will be visiting with us the following Wednesday as the second of our confirmed guest speakers.

Many of you have had Larry Baden as a professor, advisor, bookmaker or relationship consultant at some point in your Webster career (ok I made one of those up). Larry (who has some suspiciously inspiring numbers at ratemyprofessors.com) will also be blessing us with his presence at some point to give us the benefit of his knowledge and experience in working the news side of media relations for several years.

I hope you all enjoy your fall break. I'll be rooting for (from afar, alas) my Illinois State Redbirds, ranked fifth in the latest NCAA Division I-AA poll, this weekend (Homecoming!) as they take on seventh-ranked Southern Illinois-Carbondale. (check out the media notes for the game - very thorough!)

Finally, some of you know Susan Napoleon, who is the administrative associate for the SOC's Dean's office. When you put ISU on your football prayer list, add Lafayette College to the teams you're rooting for - Susan's son Jonathon Hurt is the starting tailback for the Leopards. Lafayette closes out non-conference play at snobby Harvard, its fourth straight game v. an Ivy League school.