Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Week 3: MVC Speaker, 'Father' of the Year

Greetings. Tomorrow we will be joined in class by Erica Stelling, Director of Communications for the Missouri Valley Conference. Please come loaded with questions! Erica will be talking about her day-to-day duties, breaking into the business, working for an individual school v a conference office, and other areas of interest for the class. The Valley has been getting some prime media exposure as the college basketball season nears, with espn.com's Andy Katz lauding the MVC and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch topping today's sports page w a Valley story. The MVC website is an excellent example of how a conference site should look (and let us hope Valley officials won't get after me for borrowing their logo here).

Don't forget - Saturday, November 11 we have the opportunity to attend the SLU-Quincy University men's basketball game at the ScottTrade (? I can't keep track) Center. We'll discuss details Wednesday evening. I have found out that we'll have seats in the hockey press box for the game.

Finally, if you want to update your definition of 'jerk,' here's a prime example: Dan Hinkle, who most definitely should never teach anyone about sportsmanship or class. I knew a kid who had a dad like this when I was in high school; that kid is a mess nowadays, and there is no doubt his troubles can be traced directly back to his moron father. Ok, I'll stop pontificating now.

See you tomorrow.


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