Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Week Seven Update

Thanks to Thursday's weather and Peaches' grumbly tummy, you have no writing assignment to turn in Wednesday.

Many of you have been wondering about the status of an assignment due for tomorrow. I neglected to mention the assignment to everyone last week but said I would email the class about it Thursday. Fortunately for you, my dog's $800 case of gas kept me at the vet all day Thursday and the ice storm kept me away from the office Friday and has knocked out my internet access (and cable) since Thursday night. So I had no chance to email anyone or update the site.

End result? No writing assignment for you for this week. However, you do need to be prepared for the quiz following Doug from SLU's presentation, five questions covering Chapters 9 through 12. This will be an open book, short answer, open note quiz. Please have your reading done before class - I don't want anyone studying up during Doug's presentation.

Tentative itinerary for tomorrow's class:
- Talk w Doug
- Quiz
- Hand back all graded writing assignments/midterms
- Discuss final project status
- Couple of job things
- Field trip to Grant Gym - Gorloks v Maryville



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